About us



Locision Technology Limited is a cloud platform provider that enables corporations to do more with less. The platform fully integrates with internet of things ( IOT ) and the Dynamic Optimization technologies to achieve Optimal Performance, Process efficiency and Profitability.

Core technology

IoT platform: Network of smart hardware device with preprogrammed business logic to execute command; collect and analyze real-time data.


Dynamic Optimization Engine: Proprietary algorithmic engine to optimize the resource allocation and job planning.


Mobile Asset Management System: Dispatch job assignment automatically and allow real-time communication.

Product feature

Seamless Integration

Easy-to-use Restful API

Cloud-hosted Service

Well-managed service with no management burden

Smart Planning

Automatic streamlining of working processes

Data Analysis

Discover insight from business process data

Scalable Service

Scale business from single node to large network quickly

Smart Devices

Plug-and play internet enabled devices